Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the Leka outer board?2017-05-18T22:29:11+00:00

The Leka outer board is unique in every way.

In summary, the layered sheet is highly advanced and engineered to perfection. The outer board is designed to suit a combined number of essential requirements whilst removing the need for plywood as a structural finish and also the necessity to simply copy other systems within the market currently.

The Leka outer board carries a greater structural content than plywood, boasts a 100% weatherproof capability and also has an energy insulation factor to it.

A Plywood finish alternative has many faults such as weight, bowing, no insulation values, risk of exposure to rot and timber quite simply will always carry a permanent moisture content. These points alone were enough for Leka systems to get to work on engineering a board to deliver the obvious demand for something better!

Do i need building regulations?2017-05-18T22:28:44+00:00

Fully JHAI approved!

Make no mistake. Unlike other UK competitor manufactures, retailers and installers who avoid the subject of building control requirements, Leka Systems ensures that our suppliers and customers are aware of the following fact.

Although the system you choose may be LABC (Local Authority Building Control) tested and approved, if you are changing your existing conservatory roof from a Polycarbonate/Glass roof to that of either a traditional tiled roof or lightweight roof such as the Leka System, you DO REQUIRE BUILDING CONTROL INVOLVEMENT, APPROVAL AND CERTIFICATION of your overall installation. Do not be put off by anything the company states at point of sale and obtain the facts for yourself.

Leka systems is an ethical and honest company built by like minded individuals who pride themselves on being honest with its customers. If in doubt…………..check it out!

With this FACT in mind, the team at Leka are proud to now promote our system is fully JHAI approved.

Being JHAI approved, allows building applications to be fast tracked in most cases and on every Leka installation, you the homeowner will obtain a building control certification. The Leka system has been tested, our policies and training courses assessed and we have been fully approved to allow JHAI to produce certificates on roofing installations, carried out by certified installers. Simplicity in building control for your valued installation.

What is GRP or glass reinforced plastic?2017-05-18T22:27:55+00:00

GRP or glass reinforced plastic allows a structurally tested, lighter alternative to aluminium and timber. GRP is not at risk of sweating / condensation or cold bridging like aluminium. Nor is GRP open to wood worm, moisture absorption or potential rotting such as timber.

With a Patent currently pending, Leka Systems will be the only UK company authorised to manufacture or sell a GRP conservatory roof system.

The Leka Systems team of highly skilled mechanical engineers have spent countless months developing our conservatory roof structure, ensuring the overall GRP pultruded product has a final design that meets the following criteria:

  • Structurally tested profile over various spans
  • Adequate connection points to interlink our system and its associated components
  • To allow no thermal bridging points
  • Maintaining a lightweight structure and keeping the overall roof within the weight of current glass roofs.