Roof Shape and Design

Although the Leka System has a number of important and highly engineered layers, the finish outside and inside are still very important.

The Leka System has been engineered in such a way that any existing conservatory design or shape can be replaced/installed with the Leka System Lightweight Tiled Roof.

Be Safe

There are no restrictions other than the pitch of the roof to be installed as well as what lies beneath your existing conservatory roof and this is governed by the rules of physics.

We at Leka Systems have seen every type of roof structure you can image over the years and also some roofs that are simply un-safe, due to the pitch and construction. With this in mind, all of our UK retailers, Manufactures and distribution partners have strict survey guidelines issued to them before installing any of our systems we provide to them.

Conservatory Roof Styles

Please see below, just a small variety of roofs that can be installed with the Leka System. This is simply a guide only and be assured that any other roof design you may have can be replicated with our unique system.



Gable Ended